BeamMaster: The Automated Beam assembler

  • The BeamMaster automated beam assembly machine incorporates an unprecedented level of integration between software, scanners, and industrial robots. Once the appropriate accessories and structural steel beams have been loaded in the machine, the entire process is automatic.

    Guided by your model file, 3D laser scanners identify the components. Robots then make on-the-fly adjustments, place the accessories in exactly the right positions, and perform repeatable optimal automated welds. Then the BeamMaster unloads the construction steel assembly, and moves on to the next operation.

    Accessories are scanned and identified as they enter in the machine.
    Structural steel beams are scanned as they enter the machine.
    Curvatures, twist and other normal distortions are compensated for.
    Accessories are picked and placed by the first robot, tacked in position by the second robot, and welded by the third robot.

    Advanced technologies work together to give you faster, higher-quality, automated welding for your structural steel production.

    • Structural steel goes into one end of the BeamMaster automated beam assembler, and robotically-welded construction steel assemblies come out the other. It’s the next level of robotized welding, and, although it sounds like science fiction, it’s here.

    • Feed a model file into a computer, and then feed structural steel beams into the robotized assembler. It’s that simple. With its laser accuracy and automated efficiency, the BeamMaster will revolutionize your structural steel assembly operations.

Why The Beam Master ?

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